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NeXtworking '07, the Second COST-NSF Workshop on Future Internet

From Fundamentals to Experiments

19.–20. April 2007,
at Technische Universität Berlin,
and Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

Research Group
Intelligent Networks and Management of Distributed Systems

This workshop is sponsored by the EU COST Strategic Activity ARCADIA and the US National Science Foundation (NSF). It follows the successful edition of NeXtworking '03, which was also sponsored by COST-NSF and was then focused on Exchanges and Trends in Networking. The workshop report will be furnished to the COST-ICT (EU) and NSF (USA), will be published in the ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communications Review and will be made publicly available to participants and others via the workshop Web site. The report is expected to serve as a guide for research towards a future Internet and the design of experimental facilities.

Today the networking community faces the grand challenge of designing the networking environment for the next 10–20 years by re-designing the current Internet. To this end, we are observing major initiatives in Europe (COST ARCADIA, Autonomic Communications Initiative, Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) initiative, as well as relevant research agenda in various other research objectives in EU-IST Research Framework 7 (FP7)) and the USA (GENI-FIND). All such initiatives can benefit by bringing together key researchers from both sides of the Atlantic and have them discuss the fundamental challenges and enabling technologies for the future Internet. In addition, collaboration opportunities between EU and US researchers in this important research area are timely and will be promoted and the research funding agencies will be provided guidance into the key challenges their funding efforts should be focused on.

The workshop theme and technical focus is twofold: (a) Fundamental research challenges for the Future Internet; (b) Experimental Infrastructure as a vehicle for designing the Future Internet. Fundamental research challenges need to be identified and discussed, along with ways to designing and making available a flexible experimentation facility to test new ideas and paradigms. Experts capable of contributing to each or both themes will be invited and interactions between such experts are also sought as a vehicle for solidifying and enhancing Future Internet work by "theoreticians" and "experimentalists" in networking.