ToC of Chapter 1

Computer Networks and the Internet

  1. What is the Internet?

  2. What is a Protocol?

    1. A Human Analogy

    2. Network Protocols

  3. The Network Edge

    1. End Systems, Clients, and Servers

    2. Connectionless and Connection-Oriented Services

    3. References

  4. The Network Core

    1. Circuit Switching, Packet Switching and Message

    2. Routing in Data Networks

    1. Tracing Routes in the Internet

    2. Interactive Java Applet: Message Switching & Packet Switching

  5. Access Networks and Physical Media

    1. Access Networks

    2. Physical Media

    3. References

  6. Delay and Loss in Packet-Switched Networks

  7. Protocol Layers and Their Service Models

    1. The Internet Protocol Stack

    2. Network Entities and Layers

    3. References

  8. Internet Backbones, NAPs and ISPs

  9. A Brief History of Computer Networking and the Internet

  10. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks

  11. Summary

  12. Homework Problems and Discussion Questions

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