ToC of Chapter 3

Transport Layer

  1. Transport Layer Services and Principles

    1. Relationship between Transport and Network Layers

    2. Overview of the Transport Layer in the Internet

  2. Multiplexing and Demultiplexing Applications

  3. Connectionless Transport: UDP

  4. Principles of Reliable Data Transfer

    1. Building a Reliable Data Transfer Protocol

    2. Pipelined Reliable Data Transfer Protocols

    3. Go-Back-N (GBN)

    4. Selective Repeat (SR)

    5. References

    1. TCP Flow Control

  5. Connection-Oriented Transport: TCP

    1. The TCP Connection

    2. The TCP Segment Strukture

    3. Sequence Numbers and Acknowledgment Numbers

    4. Telnet: A Case Study for Sequence and Acknowledgment Numbers

    5. Reliable Data Transfer

    6. Flow Control

    7. Round Trip Time and Timeout

    8. TCP Connection Management

    9. References

  6. Principles of Congestion Control

    1. The Causes and the "Costs" of Congestion

    2. Approaches Toward Congestion Control

    3. ATM ABR Congestion Control

    4. References

  7. TCP Congestion Control

    1. Overview of TCP Congestion Control

    2. Modeling Latency: Static Congestion Window

    3. Modeling Latency: Dynamic Congestion Window

    4. References

  8. Summary

  9. Homework Problems and Discussion Questions

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