General Guidelines And Organizational Matters For Seminars

This one does always apply: If you have questions you can always ask your advisor!

Team Work

In scientific (and industrial) research, it is common to work in a project together with others as a team. Constructively reading other peoples papers and the discussion about unclear aspects helps everyone involved.

The advisors of the seminar have only very limited possibilities for such a cooperation because they usually have a different view on a topic than a student. For this reason the participants of the seminar are divided into small groups (with as related topics as possible). The groups should work together as described below:

After the first versions of the papers have been submitted, each participant has some time to proof read the papers of some of the other participants. That also includes:

The scheduled time exposure for the proof reading adds up to 10 hours that should be split equally to the papers. Please, bring your proof read versions to the meetings.


For a graded certificate we expect a paper about 10 pages.
(This default should neither be exceeded nor shortened a lot.)

Making the Paper:


The scheduled time for each talk is 30 minutes plus 15 minutes for discussions.

Benefit for the student who gives the talk:

Benefit for the audience:

Making the presentation / slides:

A talk has to be structured differently from your paper:

Time Of the Talk

The following sections are only relevant if you want to write your paper in german:

Translations English↔German

If you want to translate english terms to german you should keep in mind the following:


Some more traps you can stumple upon are:

If you are unsure ask your supervisor.