Tips For Preparing A Bachelor, Master, Diplom Or Whatsoever Thesis

This one does always apply: If you have questions you can always ask your advisor!

Typical Outline

The following outline is just a suggestion. Certainly, some variation can sometimes be necessary. Especially the abstract, the introduction and the terminal part should be polished—but as the very last thing you do, just before you hand your thesis in.

Also take care for the demands of the department. Links will follows as soon as we found some information.

Statement On Oath

The following statement on oath is suggested by the "Prüfungsamt" (examination department):

\chapter*{Eidesstattliche Erkl"arung}
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Eidesstattliche Erkl"arung}

Die selbst"andige und eigenh"andige Ausfertigung versichert an Eides statt\\
Berlin, den \today




Short summary. It would be best to write it as the very last thing when the rest is already (nearly) done und you know exactly what you actually want to summarize. :)

Table of Contents

Obvious. :)

Chapter 1: Introduction

For the introduction (Einleitung) it is probably also best to write it later. But it depends on personal liking. persönlicher Geschmack. Structure:

Chapter 2: Background

This is for stuff that is necessary to understand your work but that your work doesn't really deal with, such as

Chapter 3: How Did I Approach The Problem?

This can, e.g., be an overview over a sketch of your own implementation if this is non-trivial.

If you bothered a lot about enhancements of your own implementation but you did not have enough time then you can spread your thoughts in this chapter and, e.g., sketch out what another developer has to take into account, or what would be a meaningful approach. Also, in your prospect (here: Chapter 7) you should refer to this part. On the other hand, eneral / indefinite "this enhancement would also be nice" statements should better be put solely into the last chapter (here: 7).

Chapter 4: Simple Results of Your Analysis

Which interesting data did your software produce?

Chapter 5: More Results of Your Analysis


Chapter 6: The Most Interesting Results of Your Analysis

Suspense curve

Chapter 7: Conclusion and Outlook

This chapter should logically be written at the end. E.g.

In this work we presented an approach for …/ a system for …/ blabla. The system is designed (blabla, summary of Chapter 3). Our results extended the works by (Chapter 2) and revealed that … (summary of Chapters 4, 56).

Possible Extensions of (Chapter 3) would be to support / Future work should address (Stuff that occured to me while implementing and/or that I didn't manage to implement, too). Other interesting analyses, which would be beyond the scope of this diplom thesis, could investigate whether … (Things that occured to me at the end of my work when I didn't have the time to even try that, too, mostly because I had to rewrite most parts of my software.)




Always put the index at the very end. This is where the reader expects it. The order of the other three entries is not that fixed. Some people even put the lists of figures and tables in the beginning, right after the list of contents.

If you compile an index, please don't do that half-heartedly but list all appearances of a certain keyword. Better yet, all relevant, but all is still better than all of which I remembered to put them into the index. Well, and that works best if you go all the way from the very beginning – and, by the way, this becomes much more simple if you use the tips from the section on LaΤεΧ tips (\indexify command).

Detailed Outline

Before you begin to write your thesis properly down you should think about an outline and talk it over with your supervisor.
At this you should think of the following:

Basic Rules For Each Chapter, Each Section, And Most Of The Subsections.

Orthography and Style

Basic Rules About Graphics And Tables And Such

LaΤεΧ Specific

If you use something different than LaΤεΧ then you're—carefully said—very brave on the one hand, and on the other hand you have a good chance that your thesis will typographically look like shit. You have been warned!

You can also use our LaTeX template.

Making your thesis nicer

Optimizing your workflow

Typography (certainly applies also for non-LaΤεΧ users)