I am interested in topics surrounding monitoring and verification in software-defined networks (SDNs). I am involved in building systems which ensure rigorous monitoring of SDNs. I was involved in FP7 Integrated European Union Project UNIFY where I contributed to troubleshooting, monitoring and verification of Service Chains in Carrier-Grade Networks.

Certifications, Awards and Grants

Recepient of Software Campus Grant by German Government (BMBF) Link
Travel Grant SIGCOMM 2016, Eurosys 2017
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), 2011
Cisco Award for Excellence in Customer Escalations, 2012
Cisco Award for Excellence in Customer Escalations, 2013
Cisco Appreciation Award, 2013

Publications & Workshops

  • Automatic Custom Generation of Topologies and Configuration of Routing protocols in SDN
    Apoorv Shukla, Mengchen Shi, Anja Feldmann

    ACM SIGCOMM 2017 Demo, Los Angeles, USA, Aug 2017 Link Paper Video

  • Towards Meticulous Data Plane Monitoring
    Apoorv Shukla, Said Jawad Saidi, Stefan Schmid, Marco Canini, Anja Feldmann

    Eurosys Doctoral Workshop Poster, Belgrade, April 2017 Link Paper Poster [Recipient of Travel Grant]

  • Final Service Provider DevOps concept and evaluation
    Guido Marchetto, Riccardo Sisto, Wolfgang John, Pontus Sköldström, Bertrand Pechenot, Felicián Németh, István Pelle, Juhoon Kim, Xuejun Cai, Chunyan Fu, Catalin Meirosu, Kostas Pentikousis, Sachin Sharma, Ioanna Papafili, Serena Spinoso, Matteo Virgilio, Rebecca Steinert, Per Kreuger, Shaoteng Liu, Jan Ekman, Antonio Manzalini, Apoorv Shukla
  • arXiv

  • Towards Transiently Secure Updates in Asynchronous SDNs
    Apoorv Shukla, André Schütze, Arne Ludwig, Szymon Dudycz, Stefan Schmid, Anja Feldmann

    ACM SIGCOMM 2016 Demo, Florianópolis, Brazil, Aug 2016 Link Paper Video Poster Some Memories from Brazil [Recipient of Travel Grant]

  • Consistent Network Updates in SDN
    Apoorv Shukla, André Schütze, Stefan Schmid, Anja Feldmann

    ETSI Workshop "From Research To Standardization", Sophia Antipolis, May 2016 Link Slides

  • Substrate-Aware SDN Abstractions
    Apoorv Shukla, Kin Tsun Chiu, Stefan Schmid, Anja Feldmann, Henry Owen

    NFV Workshop, Hannover, October 2015 Slides Link

  • Service Provider DevOps for Large Scale Modern Network Services
    Juhoon Kim, Catalin Meirosu, Ioanna Papafili, Rebecca Steinert, Sachin Sharma, Fritz-Joachim Westphal, Mario Kind, Apoorv Shukla, Felician Nemeth, Antonio Manzalini

    BDIM, May 2015 Paper

  • Service Provider DevOps network capabilities and tools
    Rebecca Steinert, Wolfgang John, Pontus Sköldström, Bertrand Pechenot, András Gulyás, István Pelle, Tamás Lévai, Felicián Németh, Juhoon Kim, Catalin Meirosu, Xuejun Cai, Chunyan Fu, Kostas Pentikousis, Sachin Sharma, Ioanna Papafili, Guido Marchetto, Riccardo Sisto, Fulvio Risso, Per Kreuger, Jan Ekman, Shaoteng Liu, Antonio Manzalini, Apoorv Shukla, Stefan Schmid


    Special Issue (SI) on Security and Performance on SDN and Functions Virtualization, Elsevier J. Computer Networks (COMNET Journal)


    Instructor for Router Lab : Hands On Real Routers and Switches to get used to Routing protocols.
    Instructor for Wireless Lab: Hands On to get used to wireless protocols (802.11) standard.
    Helping in Internet Routing and Internet Security.
    Responsible for Internet Measurement Seminars as well.

    Co-Supervised Thesis

    • Kin Tsun Chiu (MSc, submitted). "Substrate-aware Abstractions in SDN"
    • Said Jawad Saidi(MSc, defended). "Investigating Tagging Mechanisms in SDN"
    • Mengchen Shi(Msc, defended). "Scalable Automatic Topology generation in SDN"
    • André Schütze (Bachelor thesis, submitted). "Network updates in SDN"

    Other Interests

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    Apoorv Shukla,
    Research Scientist,
    Internet Network Architectures (INET),
    TU Berlin
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    Email: apoorv [at] inet. tu - berlin . de
    FG-INET, Room 4.021
    MAR 4-4, Marchstr. 23
    Berlin - 10587, Germany

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