Constrained Virtual Steiner Arborescence Problem

Project Homepage by Matthias Rost and Stefan Schmid


The Constrained Virtual Steiner Arborescence Problem: Formal Definition, Single-Commodity Integer Programming Formulation and Computational Evaluation, arXiv:1310.0346 [cs.NI], Technical Report, October 2013.
VirtuCast: Multicast and Aggregation with In-Network Processing (An Exact Single-Commodity Algorithm), OPODIS 2013, Springer LNCS. To appear.

VirtuCast Solver for CVSAP

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Data Files

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Execution Log Files

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An Aggregation Example

An examplanatory solution to an IGen generated CVSAP instance with 3200 nodes, of which 800 nodes are senders and 400 nodes are possible Steiner sites.
Triangles represent senders while squares represent activated Steiner nodes. Activated Steiner nodes and terminals are colored together with their route taken to connect to the receiver.